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How can I use Vega Frontier Edition with *legacy* OpenCL? (cannot use ROCm because my CPU/motherboard are too old)

Question asked by soulhunter on Jan 3, 2018
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So, I found the Vega FE for a reasonable price (about 30% discount, I believe), and decided to buy it (after checking the general requirements and stuff).  To my surprise, after installing it, any OpenCL application I try to launch will complain about not finding an OpenCL device.  I found this other discussion here in this forum:


clinfo crashes with Vega Frontier Edition


This person seems to have nailed it: if it is a *requirement* to have a PCIe 3.0 + supported CPU in order to use this *workstation* card (this is NOT a gaming card), why in the world is this not part of its listed requirements?  Now that I got the FE card + new power supply I no longer have money to get a new CPU/Motherboard/RAM!  I currently have a AMD A10-6800K on a Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 motherboard.


Yes, I am getting the same message as "pdxtabs" in kernel log:


Jan  3 21:35:03 rexy kernel: [    3.507279] kfd kfd: skipped device 1002:6863, PCI rejects atomics


Funny enough, my RX 580 produces the same message:


Jan  3 21:58:42 rexy kernel: [    6.555563] kfd kfd: skipped device 1002:67df, PCI rejects atomics


And yet it works perfectly (I am NOT using ROCm).


After about 3 hours of research and troubleshooting (tried different driver versions, ...), I removed the Vega FE and re-installed my RX 580 card.  I am able to work again (on the old card), but I feel honestly bad after putting well over $700 on a card (and this is *discounted* price) because of the 16GB memory and the Vega architecture that I could see myself using.


So, is there really no way of using OpenCL (at least 1.2) on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) with the Vega FE? (I couldn't find a way in the 3+ hours I invested today on this, but I am not an expert on this field).


Thanks in advance,