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Will using Mobility Radeon 5870 Drivers with FirePro 7820 GPU ruin the 7820?

Question asked by amandamorrow on Jan 3, 2018

I have a Dell Precision M6500 with a FirePro 7820 GPU. In 3D gaming applications, the 7820 does not render mesh objects unless Hardware Skinning is turned off.

When Hardware Skinning is turned off, applied textures on the mesh object flicker in spots, creating an annoying splattering effect.


I also have an Dell Alienware M17xR2 with two 5870 GPUs. I noticed that this system renders mesh objects with hardware skinning turned on - in fact, in the graphics

settings in the application hardware skinning can't be turned off.  There is also no flicker of the applied textures.


Sort of on a whim, this morning I installed the AMD_Catalyst 15.7.1 drivers for the 5870 GPU on the M6500 with the 7820 GPU. The driver installed with no trouble, and I can

now render mesh objects with hardware skinning turned on and there is no flickering of the applied textures.


But, I am worried that the Radeon driver will damage or destroy the FirePro 7820. Is it safe to use this driver for the long-term on the 7820? If not, what solution is there to

render mesh objects with no texture flickering using the drivers for the FirePro GPUs.


The problem rendering mesh and textures is common with AMD GPUs, in general, according to the support forums for the application, and no one has really figured out any

great solution for it, except switch to a NVIDIA GPU.



Both laptops are using Windows 7 64 bit.