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Vega 64 Reference frequent crash under load.

Question asked by endereverend on Jan 3, 2018
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I got myself a Vega 64 a while ago, and I've been experiencing issues.

Like the title says, when under high load the card is prone to crash.


I know it's the card because I will get a black screen, but the system and sound will still be working.

The GPU will "reinitialise" and the system recovers but any game will either crash or continue having a black screen.

Sometimes the game will report "Crash due to graphics adapter not responding" or some variation thereof.

The only common circumstance is that the game is graphics intensive.


Every time it happens the GPU Tach will be stuck on full afterwards, and AMD link will report 100% GPU load.


Drivers are up to date 17.12.2, it happened with all previous drivers as well.

Have done a full uninstall/ reinstall of the graphics drivers.

I've done some fiddling with Radeon Settings/ as well as simply setting everything to default but nothing seems to make a difference.


Have a Ryzen 1700X, Asus Crosshair VI Hero, Windows 10 Pro tested with Prime95 and Memtest without crashing.

(It's not a system crash, anyway)


So I'd just like to know if this is behavior that is expected/known or if I should start an RMA.


Regards and Thanks