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    AMD Radeon settings won't open.


      I click on the AMD radeon settings from desktop (mouse button right click) and nothing happens. Tried cleanup utility, re installed, worked a few times, same old story, no sht happens now. Reinstalled windows, nothing still. This is been going on for over a year now. I am so frustrated that I went through the headache of making an account here. Also games don't run on graphic gpu most of the time even after putting the game down on ''high performance" from application settings in the radeon additional settings menu. Had a laptop with nVidia gpu and never had an issue. All I had to do was right click on game icon and ''RUN ON GRAPHIC PROCESSOR''. You guys make the worst drivers in my experience with computing systems.  Been waiting for a year to get things fixed. You guys should be super proud. Thank you!

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          Hi vslal.
          Well to be honest I'm not an AMD laptop GPU user, because I've always had the feeling that the support on the GPU Laptop department it is really really weak, so reading your text really confirms it for me.


          So, can you give more details regarding what card are you using, what windows are you using and stuff like that?
          Have you tried older drivers?
          What did you used to clean the drivers (Yes, I had read that you also formatted the PC)?

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              Hi Benchart,

              I am using an AMD Radeon R5 M335 (4GB). I am on windows 10 (up-to-date). I use a Dell Inspiron 5459, i7 Skylake, 8GB ram. I have been trying their drivers for almost 1 and a half years. I used AMD Cleanup utility to clean up the drivers. And yes, I did format my PC by turning my pen drive into a media creation tool. Its not just my laptop, my friend has an HP with an older AMD gpu, faces the same issues as me. Very disappointed that they can't get the basic things right.

              Thanks for your interest