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Gpu & Mem Clock stuck at MAX!

Question asked by samruffo96 on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by chiglit

Hi everyone.

After upgrading my drivers to the latest version (Adrenalin 17.12.2), I found this annoying problem.

After you've seen any video on youtube, the GPU frequency remains blocked, in my case at 1430MHz, without going back to idle at 300MHz until I restart the system.

The strange thing is that this problem practically occurs only when watching videos with the browser and NOT after game sessions, for example.

With the previous drivers (Crimson ReLive 17.11.4) I'm 100% sure that this didn't happen, in fact returning to the previous version of the drivers the problem disappears.

I upgraded the drivers with DDU, so with a clean installation.

I haven't overclocked the gpu, I just used MSI Afterbunrner to manually manage fans.

Has anybody found my own problem? Or has understand the cause and found a solution?

- System INFO :

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Readon Rx 580 8gb (Sapphire Nitro+ Spec. Edition)

Readon Software Adrenalin (17.12.2)

Firefox 57.0.3 (64 bit)

i3-6100 , 8gb DDR3, Asus B150 Pro Gaming D3


For many parts I used the translator so I apologize in advance for any errors.

Thank you.