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Displayport on my AMD Radeon rx480 works when the computer is booting up then shuts off afterwards

Question asked by lilwash234 on Jan 3, 2018

So I have a AMD Radeon rx480 on software version 17.12.2 and I'm having this really annoying issue. So I bought my desktop to play with the VR, only to realize I have one HDMI (which the Oculus will take). So I bought myself a displayport to hdmi cable that works perfectly (tried it on several other desktops to verify) but for my desktop it only show the boot up screen. As the computer boots up, it shows the display perfectly, but once done booting up and send me to teh lock screen, it says the signal is lost and only when I plug in my hdmi in will the display return.




On a completely other note, does anyone know where I can access the Switchable Graphics Application Settings on this version of AMD Radeon. The additional setting tab disappeared and have no idea where to go.


Thanks ahead of time!