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i use catalyst control center instead amd Crimson edition 17.12.1 is this a mistake?

Question asked by alexdbz on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by faqu

GPU: HD radeon 7700 series 1GB ddr3

my CPU: amd atheon  II x4 631 quad cored 2.60ghz


now PROBLEM is that when i installed fresh copy of windows 10 crimson edition wont let me get my best resolution of 1920.x1080, instad

it forces me to 1620xblabla something... anyway i deleted it and installed catalyst now my questions are my drivers up to date?

Should i use Amd crimson edition 17.12.1? On side note i am afraid to download automatic driver update ulitlity coz it might messes up with my current drivers...

someone please help me i am not sure what to do