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    wx 4100 multiple displays


      I purchased and installed a WX 4100 display card (with 4 display ports) + cables to drive 3 monitors.

      Windows (10) shows 3 with only the first 2 enabled (they work fine as 2).

      I have installed the latest AMD drivers.

      The AMD Settings program only shows two monitors.

      When I try the Eyefinity setup within the above programs I old get  choice of 2 x 1 (never 3 x 1). If I proceed to the next step ... all three of the monitor names appear.

      Ugh. Windows sees 3 monitors, AMD Settings sees three monitors. Why isn't eyefinity giving me the 3 monitor choice?


      P.S. I see a lot of web references on how to set this up they show the use of a Catalyst Control setup program. Does this program still exist and can it help?