Can anyone please help? - GPU/Motherboard issue

Discussion created by tezza192 on Jan 2, 2018
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Ill try and keep this simple as its a bit of an odd one but would appreciate anyones input.....this has me stumped.




System Spec - I54690 / Radeon RX460 / Asus H81K / 120 SSD / 500w PSU




> I have a new build from budget old gen parts (but new stuff) and its exhibiting a problem. Every game crashes,, no matter what i play and i play alot of old and new games. The screen goes blank and it kicks me to Windows after a min or so. It basically exhibits all the symptoms of an unstable overclock (yet my Asus RX460 is at stock) - I have windows updated / drivers updated all the usual stuff but issue happens 100% of the time.




I tested my GTX1080 in the new build and it worked fine - I therefore assumed I had a faulty RX460 which is fair enough - ill RMA it it so no problem. The issue is my RX460 works fine in my main rig - no crashes and no issues. The 1080 out my main rig works fine in the problem PC - This is confusing me.




I will say he only difference in the 2 cards is the RX460 is powered by the PCIe bus only. It doesnt need additional PCIe power cables. Its almost like the motherboard isnt delivering enough power to the RX460 through the slot - My 1080 seems to be getting enough juice from the PSU so doesnt exhibit issues. The RX460 works fine in the main rig - just keeps crashing on my new budget rig.




What do you guys reckon? - potential faulty motherboard? Any help or suggestions appreciated.