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Vega 64 - black screen for two or three seconds during gaming

Question asked by andykciuk on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2018 by kuba

As per title.

I have a PowerColor Vega 64. Every now and then the screen goes black for a couple seconds, which drives me mad. The system doesn't hang like in other cases described in this forum, everything goes back to normal after a few seconds. It happens occasionally, let's say once or twice per hour, regardless of the game I'm playing.


My specs:

Vega 64

Z170 ASUS Sabertooth Mark 1

I7 6700K @ 4.6GHz

16GB DDR4 3200

600W Corsair PSU

Win10 64

IIyama GB276QSU 27" FreeSync


I game with FreeSync and Vsync enabled if that matters. Win10 is up to date, latest AMD driver installed too.