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    Issue with older games with Driver Radeon Adrenaline 17.12.1




      i want to know that is something happen with this driver?
      i use my laptop AMD A8 with R5 graphics (switchable) M320
      i used to play Devil may Cry 4 SE and Saints Row the third , but when i switch to high perfomance (switch to 2ndgpu) its just crash and i cant play it. But When im not switch the games the game work correctly but not as good with my 2nd GPU its use directx 10-11 . i cant use 2nd GPU at all and you know what happen if i only use integrated.

      When i use directx 9 it worked on saints row the third but the game is just worst with the shuttering!



      Please fix this. i know theres a plenty new games on 2017-2018. But cmon i still want to play my old games
      Here my logs Event viewer Saints Row the third: