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What is a good replacement card for a Radeon R9 270

Question asked by billh on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by billh

My Radeon R9 270 has developed a problem.  The Display Port has quit working so I need to get a new card.  I don't do any gaming so I really just need something which is somewhat equivalent to the R9 270 that can support streaming of videos and TV shows/movies.


I do use 3 monitors so I need support for that.


I noticed that some of the AMD cards do not have DVI ports now.  I saw one that had multiple Display Ports instead.  With the R9 270 I had to use an active adapter to convert HDMI to Display Port for use with the the third monitor.


With the new cards that have multiple Display Ports is it necessary to use active adapters or can I just use HDMI to Display Port cords or adapters for the 2nd and 3rd monitors?


Can anyone suggest a new Radeon card that would be similar in capabilities to the R9 270 that wouldn't be too expensive?


Thanks in advance,