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Athlon x4 950, memory slow

Question asked by kubinamarcin on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by kubinamarcin

Hello ,first my setup.

MSI b350 pc mate

Athlon x4 950 AM4 ,

2x4gb hyperX 2400mhz (its on MSI compatibilyty list with pc mate)

MSI RX 560 4g.

And now i got problem with memory speeds , its showing 1200mhz but its ok on the Ryzen platform ,but real problem are the READ AND WRITE SPEEDS and also LATENCY timings .The values are 50% from the values what should be (in compare with ryzen with the same memory chips).If im good guesing the memory controller is in the processor so seems like its not the same on the ryzem processor.

Values are almost  the same in AIDA64 memory benchmark ,and also not only i have that problem .All Atlon benchmarks @ userbenchmark are the same bad ,no matter what kind of memory chips used.

Can speed up the memory or problem is pure in the athlon or settings?