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2x 290 crossfire not working

Question asked by tecludo on Dec 31, 2017

Hello, i have been trying to get the crossfire working on my pc but it doesent work, i already do all the steps i found on the internet. I just reinstall W10 but still not working. Mass Effect Andromeda on ULTRA with the ULPS dissabled in MSI Afterburner. The side graphic card doeseent work. I have cleared all the drivers and still the same. Cant guet the side card to work (monitoring the perfomance on msi afterburner).


Processor: AMD-FX 9370


VGA: sapphire r9 290 x2

Motherboard: Asus crosshair v formula z


All drivers up to date.



Update: removed main card and using the second one, still the same. FPS falldown every 5 -10 seconds. The perfomance was better before update 1 month ago. Dont know what to do. All temps are ok.