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AMD 8970M Graphics problem with SWBF2

Question asked by lazarusmagni on Dec 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by lazarusmagni

This GPU (the 8970M) should be able to play/support the 2017 SWBF2 game. But the game is totally corrupt when I load it (see screenshot.) I am 100% sure it is related to my 8970M GPU, because when I use certain settings (in the bios, or otherwise [e.g. device manager, or Radeon additional settings] the game looks perfectly normal (although doesn't run very well obviously using the legacy 8750G, but it looks perfectly fine.) I have the latest drivers installed for the 8970M (currently the date is 12.19.17). I have tried changing every conceivable setting (in the game, in Radeon settings, in my bios) nothing works. Can someone please help with this?


I have attached a screenshot of the graphics anomaly. Oddly enough, I used to see this when running some older games using my "high performance" GPU, although that doesn't happen any more.


I get the fact that this card isn't considered "high performance" anymore, but it still should be able to run this game. I would really appreciate some help with this. I can't afford to just go out and buy a new computer.