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Switch between integrated and dedicated GPU

Question asked by gaabriieel on Dec 31, 2017

Hi guys! I've some problem with my laptop. I've an Asus F542BP-GQ006T.

The CPU is an A9-9420 with an integrated R5 radeon and it has also a dedicated GPU, the R5 M420

I've installed the latest driver avabile for this configuration and the problem is that i can't switch between integrated and dedicated on every app. For example, for older games, like lord of the ring the return of the king it use automatically the integrated R5 even if in the radeon setting i chose the dedicated.

I'm using Win10 and the configuration is seton High Performance.

If i start lord of the rings, even if i've chosen high perfomance in radeon and win10 settings, in the task manager appears that the integrated is working.

What i can do?