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    QuadFire R9 295x2 - How to unleash the beast?



      Windows 10 64-bit


      Corsair HX1200i


      i7 2600K @ 3.40GHz


      4 x 4GB Dual-Channel DDR3


      ASUSTaK P8Z68-V LX


      2 x R9 295x2 (BIOS Version



      Installed Software

      MSI afterburner (Version 4.4.2)

      AMD Radeon settings (Version 2017.0922.1659.28737)

      OpenGL (Version


      So I recently installed two R9 295x2 GPU's in my system, and individually they are running great. But I can't help but feeling they aren't running at their full potential...

      I was wondering if there are any settings, extra drivers, software, ... I can change or install to fully unlock these beasts?

      For starters, I can't find the option to enable/disable CrossFire for the cards in the Radeon settings program..


      Please tell me if I forgot some relevant info for you to help me.

      Any help/feedback would be much appreciated!!

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          If it shows one primary and three linked adapters, then it is working as it should, but as games vary in their multiple GPU performance from 0 to near 100%, and never scale linearly to 400%, the amount of performance increase in games will vary.

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              Not home atm so I can't check, but I don't think it shows up like you say.


              Additional problem since yesterday: one card keeps disconnecting, resulting in system freeze. Happens independed of graphical load at that moment. Have to hard-reboot and most of the time the systems sees only one card after the reboot. After fiddling around a bit with the pcie power connectors and some reboots, the system sees both cards again, only to lose the same one again after random time (going from 5 minuter after booting, to 2 hours after boot).

              Swapping the cards with each other gives same result with the same card... :-\