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Morphological Filtering Doesn't Work

Question asked by bluesadam on Dec 30, 2017
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Edit: Found out why it doesn't work. Apparently, with Adrenalin driver version, Morphological Filtering only works in DX9 games. Used to work in DX10 and 11 games as well, I don't know why AMD chose to make it work only in DX9 games now. I hope they will add this feature to all API versions just like it used to.



Windows 10 x64

Gigabyte 990xa UD3 Rev 3.0 (fEH Bios)

FX 6350 CPU

RX 460 2gb GPU

2x4gb ddr3 1600mhz ram


Hi, since Adrenalin edition drivers, morphological filtering doesn't work. I used it in almost all games because I find it give nice image quality and jagged edge reduction. However, since the Adrenalin edition, it no longer works. I uninstalled old drivers using DDU so it is as clean as it gets. I tried choosing both "Enhance Application Settings" and "Override Application Settings" and enabled "Morphological Filtering" yet it does not work. Normally it used to blur all the UI and text quite a recognizable amount so that's how I know it doesn't work.


I woul appreciate any help. At this point, I don't even know if other features such as tessellation, surface format optimization, shader cache etc. work either. I might actually not be using any of them without even noticing it. Thanks in advance.


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