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    Where are the Vegas?


      I love AMD with all my heart and I have been using their products for my whole life, besides one nVidia GPU which was returned shortly after purchase. But I am extremely tempted to buy a GPU from the green side. Here is my issue. Even though Vega 64 is an absolutely fantastic piece of equipment and although it is technically outperformed by a cheaper priced GTX 1080, I am still willing to buy one but there is no where I can find one under $1,000 and that's just absurd.


      Amazon has some listed for like $1,200. NewEgg is Out of Stock of their MSI branded one which is priced at $1,099. Then there is a Gigabyte RX Vega 64 on Walmart's site which is out of stock but at least with a more decent, even though still outrageous, price of $699.


      Where do I buy a Vega 64? How am I supposed to continue supporting AMD if I can't get GPUs at a close to MSRP price tag?


      Sorry for the rant, but I really needed to voice my concerns.

      If any of you have any advice, let me know.

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          I would not even bother. Even if you can get a Vega 56/65 at MSRP all you will get is disappointment. Reason for this is Fury X. I own a Fury X and because it did not sell as AMD hoped the support for it is terrible. In 2017 games Fury X falls behind RX 480. The way I see it is that Vega is in the hand of even less gamers. This mean less people complaining to AMD which results on next to no support. If you are keen to get Vega wait for the refresh. Sometimes is better to get the popular Item even if it might not be the best or fastest (Not the case) because it will get the needed attention. 

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            They were available for MSRP back at the beginning of November, but since the Holidays the supply and pricing seems worse than ever.  Hopefully with the holidays passed, we will see the supply and prices again return to normal.  I agree with you, the current situation is pretty nuts.

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              crypto mining and low vega stock has been terrible for amd's high end gaming market. Supposedly they are

              not making any more reference cards to allow partners get some chips to make after market versions .If they

              need to do this it tells me that they have very little stock to start with. I would guess this is due to yeild issues.

              A cheeper vega refresh may be worth it for mid level cards if they get power consumption down to acceptable

              levels for mid range psu's. With navi on the the horizon we may not see a economically sound refresh unless they

              can do a die shrink or something. I would guess that all of their eggs are in the navi basket at this point. Navi's smaller

              process and infinity fabric should have way higher yeilds at a cheaper cost. Vega felt like a "hey we can have a card thats

              just as fast" place holder to make people remember amd in the graphics space since they haven't  had a meaningful high

              end showing since the ge force 10 series came out. Fury x was in the same boat as Vega is. I really hope navi can put

              amd back on the high end map. Vega felt like Cyrix chasing the pentium tbh.

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                  As good an explanation as any.  There does seem to be a yield issue, and whether or not that stems from the creation on aftermarket boards is anyone's guess.  But if you look at stock finding websites like nowinstock, many of the Vega 64 reference boards haven't even had stock in over a month.  So it isn't really a case of miners buying out stock, more that the stock has ceased to be replenished.  Maybe they are saving chips for the RX Vega Nano.  Whatever happened to that?

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                  I'm in the same boat. I have three Freesync monitors on my Sim Racing rig waiting on a Vega 64 card. I've been buying AMD products since the mid 90's and this is ridiculous. I am not spending $1200 for a $500 card. AMD needs to pull their head out.

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                    sadly with cryptocurrency eth and the like being so high in price, any gpu with good hashrate will be out of stock immediately. And with short supply that's is even worse. I receive a lot of offers for my Vegas 64 from people just starting in the cryptocurrency thing.