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My AMD R7 M370 never shows any activity

Question asked by holjir on Dec 30, 2017

The system runs only the Intel HD graphics. The AMD Switchable Graphics software does not work at all. All important programs are locked to power saving (internet browser, VLC, etc.). Games are also run on the Intel HD Graphics. Renaming the *.exe file and adding it to the AMD Switchable Graphics as a new application does not work either.
I see screen tearing while watching 1080p youtube videos. I have of course the same problem with .mkv files. 4K videos are impossible to watch. I have the latest versions of all drivers and BIOS firmware. Can I force run the AMD Graphics card using registry override? I cannot force run the AMD Graphics card in BIOS either. There is only very basic setup allowed. Is there any chance to run some extended BIOS interface? There must be a solution for this. Post like this are all over the internet. It seems that almost everybody has problems with the switchable graphics.

My system runs Windows 7, on Thinkpad E560, 8GB RAM, SSD Drive. Thank you for any input in advance. I am quite desperate.