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    Crash on legacy card (X1900 XT) on latest Windows 10 update


      Have been using the 10.2 catalyst drivers on Windows 10 64-bit with no issues* until the most recent update (1709).

      Now, within 20 seconds of Windows loading, whether I log in or not, Windows will display corruption, lock up and then restart itself.


      The odd thing is that if I boot up using a generic Windows driver for the display and then switch to the X1900 driver, it's absolutely fine. I just need to remember to switch back to the Windows Generic Adapter before closing down or it'll crash upon start up.


      I realise this card is very old and hasn't been supported officially since Vista or something like that, but it's annoying to have to buy a new card now just because of this latest Windows update. Anyone have any ideas? (I did try the Omega drivers for a laugh, but same result)


      P5K-E, Q6700, X1900 XT


      (* well only one issue - fast startup needs to be switched off otherwise Windows boots with black screen with only the mouse pointer visible)