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Crash on legacy card (X1900 XT) on latest Windows 10 update

Question asked by anoakes on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2017 by Earnhardt

Have been using the 10.2 catalyst drivers on Windows 10 64-bit with no issues* until the most recent update (1709).

Now, within 20 seconds of Windows loading, whether I log in or not, Windows will display corruption, lock up and then restart itself.


The odd thing is that if I boot up using a generic Windows driver for the display and then switch to the X1900 driver, it's absolutely fine. I just need to remember to switch back to the Windows Generic Adapter before closing down or it'll crash upon start up.


I realise this card is very old and hasn't been supported officially since Vista or something like that, but it's annoying to have to buy a new card now just because of this latest Windows update. Anyone have any ideas? (I did try the Omega drivers for a laugh, but same result)


P5K-E, Q6700, X1900 XT


(* well only one issue - fast startup needs to be switched off otherwise Windows boots with black screen with only the mouse pointer visible)