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Radeon R9 280X Crashing on all games

Question asked by cambey on Dec 29, 2017

Hi all,


Hoping you can give me a hand with this.

I've recently recieved a secondhand Radeon R9 280x from a family member.


I have installed it in my spare machine, however been having some issues since install. Running windows 7 64 bit.

Intel i7 -    3770 CPU @ 3.4ghz

8gb ram



Games will simply just stop and black screen until i open task manager and kill the program after 30secs to 5 mins of play.


set up a log, Graphics card never gets over 60 degrees C,


Carried out all windows updates, updated bios, used DDU driver uninstaller to remove drivers and re-install - no change.

Eventually cracked it, carried out full drive reset and re-installed all windows updates overnight.

Re-installed drivers, Turned all graphics card settings to lowest possible.   - still no change.

Added more ram, as noticed pc was getting close to memory limit- no change.

I've reached my wits end with this thing - when it's working the programs look amazing but i cant get more then 5 mins out of any game before i have to restart!


If someone could give me anywhere to start, or something to give me  a starting point, i would be so appreciative.


Thanks all