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    Windows 10 - More recent drivers cause mouse freezes

      • AMD A8-6410 with R5 Graphics
      • Dell Inspiron Laptop
      • Windows 10 64-bit
      • Crimson 17.12.1 (have tried a few earlier versions as well) - Same behaviour with Windows Update default AMD R5 drivers in Windows Build 1703
      • 8GB of RAM


      I have a number of laptops (Dell) with AMD APUs.


      The latest updates to Windows forces a driver update to the AMD R5 video cards installed in these devices. This causes the system to freeze every few seconds. If you move a mouse cursor around, it will stop responding every 2-3 seconds for about 1/4 of a second making it extremely frustrating to use.


      I have confirmed that it is Windows 10 builds with newer AMD device drivers. It doesn't matter if it's the default drivers Windows Update installs from Microsoft, or the AMD Crimson software. One of my systems that had older drivers (Jan 2016) worked fine until build 1703 which over-wrote the old AMD drivers with the new ones (and won't allow me to roll back).


      If I uninstall ALL video card drivers and let the system default to 'Microsoft Basic Graphics Adaptor' drivers then system response returns to normal. Install the video card drivers - either via Windows Update or direct from AMD - and the freezing behaviour returns.


      I'm not entirely sure if it's a Windows issue, or an AMD issue, but it needs to be fixed. It has made 3 PCs in my house unusable!

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          I have the same issue on my HP laptop. I had no issues prior to the upgrade, except one game was crashing. After upgrading, the game works but my PC freezes every 3-4 secs for about half a second. There is definitely something wrong  with the driver. I contacted support but got no reply.

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            Make sure you don't connect your mouse to a USB 3.0 connector (somehow Mickeysoft changed the power saving settings with the latest update)

            You can also change a BIOS setting which disables USB 3.0 (and let's it run as a 2.0 port instead)

            This fixed my mouse issues (since the latest Winblows 10 64b update).


            There is also a possibility to fix this issue in the Winblows settings, Power & Sleep.

            Go to advanced settings (on the right of the screen).

            Pick "High Performance" as a setting. Select "Change plan settings". This will give a window with "Change Advanced Power Settings" (click this)

            A new window appears.

            Scroll down to USB Settings. Make sure that power saving is disabled.


            I hope this fixes your mouse problems.

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                Hi co-starring,


                Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this isn’t an issue with mouse drivers, it is specifically an issue with AMD drivers. Microsoft Support has confirmed this for me.


                At the moment I have to uninstall the old drivers, use the hide update util to prevent Windows from downloading them again, then install a Crimson package over a year old for me to get basic functionality back.


                AMD needs to find out what’s up with their drivers as they are 100% the cause.

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                Still it is not clear why friezes are in the morning when you turn on the computer for the first time.

                Sometimes only in the evening.

                For example, this morning before work included and poluchl lags. Turned off. In the evening I came home from work and switched on - there is no freeze! How? why?

                Still only left to run the game after the launch can appear.

                I installed the driver on a Sunday. 3 days the computer worked without problems.

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                  I have a Desktop with the latest GPU driver and I was having my mouse freeze intermittently all day long. Especially when using a browser. When I was playing a game or watching a Video the freezes disappeared 98% of the time. I was using a M510 wireless mouse that was over five years old using the older Logitech Setpoint. But the mouse was working fine until a few months ago. Basically at the same time as you all were having problems.


                  Today, I accidently damaged my M510 mouse while trying to clean the Laser from dirt. Needed to purchase a new mouse asap. Bought a new Logitech Mouse from Sam's Club, The M720 Pro mouse that uses Logitech Options (version 3/2018). Since installing, all my freezes have disappeared and the mouse is super responsive. It seems like the older Setpoint Driver for the Logitech mouse became incompatible with the latest Windows updates for Windows 10. My wireless Keyboard on Setpoint still, as for now, works normally. Setpoint wasn't being updated by Logitech anymore, at least concerning my Keyboard and Mouse. I even decided to enable "Hardware Acceleration" in Google Chrome thinking that might have been a reason for the freezes while using the browser.


                  Just a FYI for a possible reason for others having the same issues.

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                    @Kalak Same problem here. I have been researching all day to discover it is a known issue since the fall creators update launch, and nobody appears to have a fix.  The issue is directly related to any Adrenalin driver and windows 10 Fall creators update. 




                    Most of the people complaining about this have R4 or R5 graphics on mobile apus.

                    I have solved the issue and still have power management control and a proper gpu driver by using the Crimson 16.12.1 Driver.  Obviously not a good permanent solution, but the laptop is at least useable again.  AMD needs to get themselves together as this problem appears to be almost 6 months old...


                    Heres the driver that worked for me on windows 10 64 bit.