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    Radeon 260x crashing



      I have a big problem that is getting on my nerves. Every time I start playing games my pc randomly crashes. The blue screen appears saying THREAD STUCK IN THE DEVICE DRIVER. I did all I could nothing helped. I need your help

      My specs:

      Motherboard-Gigabyte -h81m-s1

      GPU-Asus Radeon R7 200 series- Asus Radeon R7 260x - OC - 2005. using the newest 17.12.1 driver

      PSU-Dont rly know the name of its but is 500w ATX

      CPU-Intel core i3-4160 CPU 3.60 GHz procesor.

      SSD-Crucial M500

      4GB ram by Crucial

      Windows 10 pro


      Things i tried:

      Reinstalling windows did this 2 times

      Clean GPU driver update (uninstall and reinstall) did this like 5 times

      Cleaning the pc from dust

      Boosting fan speed in case of overheat (gpu fans)

      Updating BIOS

      If u have any clue how to fix this pls help (Sorry for bad english :)  )