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Air Vega 64 and blower noise

Question asked by gmc67 on Dec 27, 2017



My Vega is making an annoying sound when the blower start to spin. It is like a 'scratch' but there is nothing touching the fan. I inspected it visually and no cable is touching it. It is spinning free and without any noise when manually rotated. It only happens when I turn on the rig or restart the system.


I found this thread on Mindfactory with the exact same model and a very similar problem. The 'scratch' is like the 'Vega.start noise.mp3'. He sent the card back and Mindfactory could not find any problem. Any clues about the startup spin noise? Bad Delta or cosmetic?


Aside this problem it does perform nicely. I'm afraid to be without GPU as Vega is almost out of market here in Brazil.