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Advice please re Windows 10 update disaster with twin ATI FIREPRO v5700 graphics cards

Question asked by jimmy_wood on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by jargon

A few days ago I finally gave in to a pop-up to accept a routine update to my Windows 10 64bit installation on my old Dell T7500 workstation with two ATI FIREPRO v5700 graphics cards plus 2 Dell monitors working as one desktop.


I was left for several days with twin black screens as a result, which was eventually solved with the help of Dell by removing one of the graphics cards ... which appeared to solve the problem as both monitors were plugged into one card anyway.


However the system now appears to be using standard windows drivers and my main screen doesn't look as sharp ... also both screens now show the same. I cant get the system to detect a second screen either.


I visited the AMD website but dont see a Windows 10 driver for the v5700 and was going to try installing a new driver. Can anyone suggest what to do?


My fallback is to try to uninstall the latest Windows 10 update and go back to the previous Windows 10 version that was working fine. Maybe even try re-installing the second graphics card, as I am suspicious that the card developed a fault just when updating.


Finally, do you think the v5700 card I removed is worth keeping as a spare, in case the other one eventually fails?.


Changing my entire system isn't an option I am afraid.