Reference Vega 56 with 17.12.2 stuck at 100% load

Discussion created by carl_the_cactus on Dec 27, 2017

As stated in the title, updated the drivers (booted in W10 safe mode and used DDU) to 17.12.2. I have noticed that after exiting graphics-heavy loads like games or benchmarks (like Unigine Heaven or Furmark) that now the GPU is stuck at max clock speeds for core (stock clock speeds with 1070mV undervolt and HBM at its max of 850 MHz overclocked (max my Vega 56 will clock HBM at without crashing in games)), max voltages for both of them and it's running at around 75 degrees C making the fan stuck at an audible RPM trying to cool the core and HBM. This did not happen with the previous driver I had installed, which was 17.11.1, or any other past drivers for that matter.


Ryzen 5 1600@ 3.8GHz 1.35V

16GB of Team Group Force 3000 running at 2666 16-18-18-38

MSI reference Vega 56 running at the speeds and voltages mentioned above

Corsair SF600 PSU

ASRock AB350 Gaming ITX/ac on BIOS 3.10

Windows 10 Pro