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Why won't you work on opengl performance?!

Question asked by megaherbman on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by ray_m

OK. AMD! We need you to work on your Opengl support! Seriously! Many of us love retro gaming and/or emulation! I'm sure you can feel our frustration when we see an old Nvidia card, just murdering our new Rx 480's because you folks WILL NOT just release a good multithreaded driver for our AMD GPUs. We have been asking and we need you to listen or we will move on to a Nvidia card. I don't want to sale my card but this is ridiculous! The new driver hurt opengl performance even more! Please! Listen to us! I want to buy from the people with GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES, not Nvidia who hikes up the prices of their cards, which ruins the market, but if you will not listen to your consumers than there is absolutely no point in buying AMD products. I love my Rx 480 but the broken drivers and abysmal opengl performance is out of control!! PLEASE FIX IT! The new features are cool but we would rather have a working GPU than have all of this recording software that will NOT help performance! SHOW US SOME LOVE AMD! I hope to see better support for us Emulator and older game folk in the next few drivers. I have faith in this company! DON'T LET US DOWN!