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PC crashes when playing intensive video games

Question asked by thomas-sev on Dec 26, 2017

Recently I've ran into some problems with my PC. Everytime I play the game Rainbow Six Siege, after loading into a match for a few seconds my PC would crash.

The symptoms of the crashes would be vertical lines, usually grey, other times the dominant color on the screen at the time of the crash, sound would go on for a few more seconds then it would become distorted and the whole system stops responding entirely. After that the PC won't boot until I've removed the RAM sticks and the GPU out and put them in again several times; all the lights would light up but there is nothing on the screen.

At first I figured this would be a RAM problem because I've run into something similar before, but then I switched the RAM and the problem would persist. Then thinking the game itself is causing me problems I ran several other intensive games to test, these would take longer but eventually I'd run into the same problems., GA-970

My specs: FX-8320 for CPU, Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X, GA-970A for motherboard.


At the moments I'm leaning on a defective GPU and have already filed an RMA for it but no reply so far, but there's a chance it would be the motherboard. Any input to pinpoint the exact issue I'd appreciate it a lot. Hope y'all have had a merry Christmas, and thanks in advance!