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AMD FX 9830P not supported by latest Adrenaline Radeon Graphics software

Question asked by n0beer on Dec 27, 2017

When installing the latest version of Adrenaline, it doesn't detect the hardwares both the R7 and rx460 gpus, in order to fix it i need to roll back to Crimson Relive Software version 17.4.3, however this version keeps crashing when i'm playing Dota 2.



Symptoms includes:

Laptop just restarts by itself

Laptop screen display goes black, then goes to desktop, but when you alt tab to go to the game, it doesn't change the screen, however the mouse icon indicates it has the game opened, but the screen is still stuck with the desktop, once you open Radeon software, it crashes (not responding)

Already tried resetting the laptop and clean uninstall install of the graphics drivers.