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580 RX no display, still waiting for answer

Question asked by barak15 on Dec 26, 2017

Hello I have recently purchased the RX 580 Sapphire 4GB and when connected I get no display at all, while I can see the GPU's lights and fans are working.

system specifications -

Windows 7 64bit

CPU Intel I7-3770 3.40GHz 3.90GHz

Motherboard GA-H77M-D3H

Ram 16GB

PSU 580W


Is anyone aware of any hardware/software compatibility issues?

suggestions and solutions will be highly appreciated, thank you.


Edit: I gave the GPU to warranty and they returned it and no problem was found, what should I do

3 months passed and I still don't have an answer, Is this the technical support AMD provides to it's customers? I deeply regret to have spent so much money for nothing.