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    Is my RX580 overheating?


      So my specs are as follows:


      GPU: Radeon RX580 (Sapphire subvendor)

      OS: Windows 10 64-bit

      Display: LG Ultrawide 75Hz 5ms

      Mobo: Gygabyte AX370-Gaming-CF

      CPU: Ryzen 5 1600

      Power: EVGA 600W BRONZE

      RAM: 8GB DDR4


      PC has shut down unexpectedly when playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

      Game was set to ULTRA on every aspect. It happened after 30~ mins of play.


      Tried again after lowering every graphic aspect to HIGH, GPU temp checkup saod 79°C. Every other component is fine (around 35-40°C).

      Question is, why did it happen? I've tried removing all drivers and reinstalling them via AMD's auto-detector.

      Should i run it on ultra again, will it be fine?

      Is this temp fine? only got 1 cabinet fan, and i'ts on the front.


      [edit] GPU cools down pretty fast after i close the game, <2 min and it's back on 45°C.

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          79°C on a GPU under load is perfectly normal.

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            Here's some food for thought.


            For comparison my ASUS Rx-580 struggles to reach 60c.. it's a cool card. And that's using default radeon settings.

            Are you  using Trixx? or Trixx and wattman at the same time? If yes to either then STOP THAT!   and  start using default settings or Afterburner with factory default Radeon settings (wattman off).

            Have you run a memtest? Are you on the latest motherboard BIOS and using approved/known to work memory profiles?

            Have you enabled the overlay so you can watch what your gpu temps and fans are doing during the game?

            Is it everygame?

            What driver version?