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    CPU spikes with driver 17.12.1


      Hello, I recently installed Windows 10 over Win 7 and I installed GPU driver 17.12.1 and I also tested 17.12.2.


      I noticed a huge CPU spikes when loading a video game map for example, basically when loading level happens. The CPU goes up to 92-98% on bigger map, but usually up to around 72-80% always, even when loading the same level again and again.


      This does not happen on Windows 7 with the same driver, I tested it twice. But i can't say for sure if Windows 7 is without this problem, downgrading to Windows 7 and upgrading back again to Windows 10 is pain, but I have not noticed any problems on Windows 7.


      And I tested three times on Windows 10 drivers 17.12.1. and 17.11.1. basically these CPU spikes does not happen on driver 17.11.1. (pre-Adrenaline edition).
      Yes, the CPU spikes happen even without AMD overlay closed and not started ever.


      Also Windows 10 crashes into pure red screen with locked sound sometimes if i try to alt+tab with the overlay opened.


      Tested games are Warframe mainly, also Red Orchestra 2 and few others. The CPU goes very high than usual,, then the game stutters after the map is loaded for a few seconds, then the CPU calms itself and goes to normal after loading, takes few seconds, but the stutters can reappear sometime even when in mid-game. (smaller stutters though).


      I tested it a lot and I can surely say the 17.11.1 driver does not do that.


      I tried to disable every Windows 10 background garbage I could. Nothing fixed it, then tried pre-adrenaline driver and viola, CPU spikes gone.


      Can anyone with Windows 10 confirm this?


      My PC is:
      GPU: AMD R9 280X
      CPU: Intel i5-2500
      RAM: 8GB
      Windows 10 64bit


      And yes, I uninstalled the driver with the AMD cleanup utility.


      Very bad driver. I will stay with 17.11.1 for now and I hope this will get fixed.


      The overlay is buggy as hell too.