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Release date for driver that supports vega 8 mobile?

Question asked by dunjam996 on Dec 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by johnbiscuit

I wonder when since i am having HUGE problems with 17.7 version.


Right after I got HP envy x360 with Ryzen 5 2500u, i've installed Windows 10 Enterprise N LSTB 64bit (removed Home version from HP since it is bloated).


The problem is next:


all drivers are working fine, but after i install Vega 8 Mobile Driver Radeon Crimson ReLive 17.7 (from HP site, not AMD) my laptop literally enters unusable state. Whole OS freezes, my mouse stutters, can't even play music from youtube because it crashes (sound stuttering). Wifi stops working too.


I primarly use laptop for graphic design, and some gaming (pretty rarely). I guess it is safe to say that it is iGPU driver issue.

Battlefield 4 even says that Vega 8 Mobile doesn't support directX it is unable to start. On youtube i can't use fullscreen mode because screen starts to look nasty.


Done reinstalling OS multiple times, tried downloading driver finder directly from AMD website - cannot even recognize what GPU is laptop using.

Tried 17.7 version from AMD directly, doesn't even install the driver.

Tried every single newer driver version starting from 17.7 from AMD - doesn't work.

I guess it is still not supported.

Whenever i boot laptop i get openGL error window...

I did contact HP and didn't get any answer (so 8 days so far)...



Any help, please?


Much obliged