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Need SB950 RAID driver for Linux

Question asked by mdec on Dec 24, 2017
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I've recently upgraded my AMD desktop with 4 identical drives, so I wanted to create a RAID. Sadly, ahci.ko does not seem to acknowledge any RAID sets and lists all of the drives on their own. dmraid told me that there's Promise FastTrack metadata on the drives, which strongly suggests that SB950's RAID controller is from Promise, but just under the hood.


I lost a lot of sleep over this issue and I could only find a proprietary blob for RHEL 5.5, shipping for kernel version 2.6.18-194.el5... which is very dissatisfying as I'm running 4.12 on Gentoo.


AMD, can we please have proper support for RAIDs in the mainline kernel? If not, what Promise controller is sitting in SB950? It might be possible to load one of their drivers instead.
Also, I've noticed that AMD RaidXpert for Linux is nowhere to be found on AMD's download center, but the RaidXpert documentation from AMD says black on white that there is a version for Linux. It's nowhere to be found on AMD's download center, but after losing one or two nights of sleep I found it on RedHat's Hewlett-Packard Enterprise website. Why is it like this?


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