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    What performance gain for 1800x with newer AGESA?




      I bought a system several months ago, before AGESA was released.


      I wanted to know if it's worth updating my BIOS in terms of performance gain.


      I'm an amateur in all this, so I'm not sure what info I need to provide.

      I don't use the PC for gaming. I use it only for 3Ds Max and rendering.


      I have a 1800x with the following motherboard:

      ASRock        AB350 Pro4 


      My BIOS version is 2.4 and they are in 3.30 already.


      Thanks! and merry Christmas!

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          That question would be better asked on the ASRock forums, since BIOSs often contain more fixes than what is described in the release notes. ASUS's newest BIOS, for example, fixes the double or triple restart bug even though the release notes only mention support for upcoming processors.

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                I've settled back to 2.60 myself as on the Asrock bios page clearly state if everything is going well update bios at your own risk. I've tried 3.0 with AGESA which actually raised the bus speed above 99.7 Mhz to 100-101 which was seems good. But I've also came across that version on the Gigabyte boards also increased cpu voltage which raised alarmed me  as I want stability as I use my system for working 3D cad (IRONCAD) and rendering (KeyShot). I then moved to 3.20 with AGESA which was suppose to boot shorter but didn't on my end. For a brief period there was a 3.40 released and seems to be removed since then. I was already on my board  but it changed my XMP settings for the G.Skill F4-3000C14D-32GVK (wasn't on the QVL but works great as I got it before setting up my Ryzen setup as I've seen memory prices started to move up) to run only at 2133 or 3066Mhz compared to 2.60 that run on 2133, 2400, 2600 and 2933 (stable no issues which I have set, passed OCCTPT4.5 and 4.5.1)


                To note it down, I am using a 1700X at stock settings and boost properly on single thread with 2.60. I have IRONCAD running, while manipulating materials on KeyShot that does real time rendering as I follow video tutorials from the Luxion website and reading emails on Windows Live Mail.


                Sometimes we try to get most of our system as it suppose to, but if ain't broken don't fix it seems to be true. If you have a memory kit 3200 and above, the newer bios might be the best way to get it to work.