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RX vega 64 Every game eventually starts running at 30 fps

Question asked by rellith on Dec 26, 2017

So let me start by saying I've been a very long time AMD user and every generation i've run at least 2 or more of AMD's offerings since 2008 with the 4870 ( i think that was in 2008? :S )


for many years i've had my ups and downs with crossfire or driver issues and what not. this generation i purchased two RX vega 64's both water cooled editions, I've since sold one as i got very frustrated with inconsistent performance when running a synthetic benchmarks and the ability to have HBCC enabled on both cards took multiple reboots to have them both work.


I'm now on one card and the frustration has not ended, any game i play and i mean ANY game after a while my frames will dip to 30 and stay locked there until i reboot the system, restarting the game changing settings does nothing for it. if i look at the LED's on the card i can see the flashing wildly and changing OC settings to the default settings in wattman does not stop it or solve it.


I've tried EVERY driver release for Vega 64 with the same outcome, I've done a full system wipe with windows 10 fresh install of everything and still same results, This card has been nothing but frustration mixed with pleasure.


At this stage i'm ready to give up on AMD cards and make the dash to Nvidia, I've been a long time fan but even i'm feeling very let down by this card right now.


Full system specs are:


AMD Ryzen 1800x @ 4.1ghz
Trident Z RGB 32GB 3200mhz kit but only 16gb in it as the other two are in another PC

RX vega 64 water cooled
windows 10 pro activated




I'm at the end of the line here, ready to throw in the towel and give up, just stick with their CPU's