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Is there a way to clCreateProgramWithBinary without need to clBuildProgram?

Question asked by yeilam on Dec 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by dipak

I create an Open CL program from text, build it, query the binary and save it to a file.

The idea was to save up time from the application.

Now I found out that in order to load it from the file, after clCreateProgramWithBinary I need to call clBuildProgram again.

I assume that the build takes similar time if loading from text or from binary, doesn't it?

And if so, how can I save the up time of recompiling the program each time the application runs?

(Wouldn't it be possible to compile a program only once and save the "real" binary?)

I would be happy to know of a solution or find out that there is no problem.