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Radeon PRO WX4100 on W10

Question asked by jigzaw on Dec 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by jargon

I recently purchased  a Radeon Pro WX4100 and was replaced because when Windows10 opens to the sign in screen both dual display turns green. Also happens when a program needs to refresh itself or opening Radeon Pro app. Both BenQ GC2870 are connected accordingly to mini display port 1 & 2. Initially on my first set up is was connected to 3 & 4 did not manifest the green screen. On display color setting on Radeon Pro,Display temperature slider displayed with direct GMA but screen will flash a couple of times but goes off on Restore Factory Defaults


The replacement did work smoothly but next morning it did turn green briefly on upon sign in but doesn't turn green as it refreshes. One thing I noticed it did display the monitor temperature but next time it didn't. It seems to be more of a W10 issue blocking the feature to run.


Update: it seems to run or display the feature if GPU scaling is activated

gpu scaling.png


color temperature feature.png

Is this correct setting or procedure  for Radeon Pro Wx4100