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    Did ccleaner break my graphic card ?



      I'm new here.


      I have a AMD HD 7870, and i've recently updated Ccleaner to clean my computer. After doing it, when I rebooted my computer, it turned into a black screen, right after the Windows logo. I tried safe mode, uninstalling my graphic drivers and trying new ones, old ones, trying another OS, reinstalling Windows several times. I'm actually using my graphic card but not with its best drivers (im i a 1440x1050 resolution, and i'm supposed to be in a 1680x1050 resolution).


      Can it be something else than my graphic card ? Is she dead?


      Thank you in advance for the help !

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          In my opinion Ccleaner does more harm than good.

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            I doubt that CCleaner harmed your card in any way. If at worst, It may have deleted a Registry key that affected the GPU AMD driver. I was using a HD 7850 for many years while running CCleaner and never had a problem.


            What Windows Version are your running? What Make and model of PSU, CPU and Motherboard do you have installed?  What make and Model GPU card to you have?  How is your Monitor/TV connected to the GPU card?         

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                Hey !


                I'm running W7 right now, but when the first issues appeared, I was on W10, I also tried to reinstall it several times.


                I tried old drivers, and my screen just didn't turn black, but it had like weird cracks and weird colors, as if the gpu was dead.


                I have a Corsair VS450 80Plus Bronze, my CPU is an i3 3220 and my motherboard is a Gigabyte h61m-ds2 rev 3.0.


                My GPU is a MSI HD7870, and my monitor is connected to my gpu card with a vga cable linked to a DVI/VGA adapter.


                In fact, I was using my computer as usual. I wanted to clean it a bit, so I updated CCleaner, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and deleted dangerous files found by theese softwares.


                After rebooting, my screen turned black right after the Windows logo.


                Thank you!





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                    First thing I noticed, according to this website : PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX, Your PSU is underpowered for your computer system using a 450 watt PSU. The link I posted indicate that you should have AT LEAST a 500 Watt PSU running for your computer System.


                    Using the driver that is able to make your GPU at least show an image, Try using something like OCCT (Free diagnostic software) to test your gpu card under stress plus checks for GPU errors (When box is checked in OCCT). It also shows your PSU outputs which you can check to see if the outputs are within range while running your GPU card. It also shows GPU and CPU temperatures. Or use some other Diagnostic software, that you feel comfortable using,  that checks your PSU and GPU cards under stress.


                    Is your VGA - DVI an "Active" or "Passive" adapter?  The Active adapter are more compatible than the passive type.


                    Try connecting your HD 7870 to a NON-VGA monitor like a HDMI tv set for instance. See if there is any difference in GPU performance.

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                  I'd check for dust and stuff in the GPU heatsink and fans. Thoroughly clean out the PC for any clogged dust. I'd reapply new thermal compound on the GPU.

                  I'd try it out in another computer with different hardware if possible. I have recently set up 3 different towers with different OS's just for testing video cards since I've had seriously bad luck with almost every video card I've purchased since 2006. If all else fails I'd lastly try to flash the GPU with a newer bios.