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Keep getting this error while playing most games. "DGXI_ERROR_DRIVER_HUNG"/Device Removed Reason.

Question asked by eryx2010 on Dec 23, 2017

Hello guys, i wanted to get your help in this subject whic is frustrating i almost can't play any games because of it.
so this problem started about a 7 months ago and before that i had no encounters of it before that i faced it when i was playing Battlefield 1 back then and i kept having the same issue in almost everygame i play except for the one i regularly play which is (League of Legends) so i got tired of the problem back then because i had no solution for it and i just stopped playing any other games than League of Legends and now i came back to playig Battlefield 1 and i faced that problem again when i play any game still except for League of Legends, like Rise of The Tomp Raider and Need for Speed Rivals, i get the error randomly could be 2m since i started the game of 1h later

i checked the internet and fourms for a solution, and the most authentic solution that would help my problem and solved it for alot of ppl was to underclock the GPU by 50mhz or something, but in my case i can't do that since my GPU is uncloackable by the manufacturer AMD and HP, the GPU model is (AMD R5 M255 2GB) and my Laptop model is (HP Probook 450 G2) and i did every possible thing that would help me to overclock or underclock the GPU such as the major software called (MSI Afterburner) and blenty of other softwares but still no luck so i started looking for other solutions so i found that maybe updating to the latest driver might help that was the first thing i did back then and i did again when i faced it recentyl, i also tried getting the software that HP recommends for my Driver which is (16.40.3601.1003) and also has DX11 latest already installed and any other Visual C++ is also already installed from 2005 to 2015 and also updated the BIOS and it's still there, i also found ppl saying that applying a registery key called TdrLevel, and TdrDelay, might help the problem but still didn't help, i also tried to change the combitability of the executable file, to run in combitable for windows 7-8 and make it run in maximum window and disable full screen optimization and still no luck. i really hope that one of you guys help me out here because i can't play anything other than League of Legends with that error. i will be leaving some screen shots attached so check them out.
Thank you in Advance.