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    Difficulty Turning Hardware Accelerator Off


      Difficulty Turning Hardware Accelerator Off.

      Hi, I’m trying to export my newly created video (made with Cyberlink Powerdirector 10). I just want to export a copy into a folder on my desktop. But the program instructs me to turn off my computer’s hardware accelerator first, and then it will export my work.  However, when I go the location where I should turn the accelerator off, (i.e. the AMD catalyst control center), there is no Power feature there in the control center – there’s just nowhere I can find for me to turn off the hardware accelerator. 

      So I suppose my questions should be….  Have I gone to the correct place on my PC to turn it off? If not please advise where I should be looking in order to do this task. If the task is simply not possible with the AMD Radeon R7 240, I don’t really know what to do next. Any advice please? I need to save/export the video I’ve just made, and I’m stuck – can’t turn off the hardware accelerator.


      My Desktop is – an Asus PC, running Windows 8.1

      My Driver is - AMD Radeon R7 240

      My display/monitor is Dell


      Thank you for any help at all.