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What exact memory is good for the FX 9590 processor? Why did we never get the 16GB DDR3 sticks so we could plug in 64 GB of ram as was promised?

Question asked by thelazylightning on Dec 23, 2017

   I am currently looking for some ram for my computer with an FX 9590 processor on an Asrock 990 Extreme board. I have two 8 GB sticks of HyperX Fury red in it now and was preparing to add two more and get the maximum available 32 GB. I have had to give up on waiting for the 16 GB memory sticks that Kingston promised to deliver and never did, and Asrock advertised for the FX990 Extreme board, and AMD was also a party to.

    So then I came across this table that seems to state the only possible compatible 32 GB memory configuration is with the Hyperx Beast 8 GB memory sticks. Just click on HyperX below to see the resulting "compatible combinations". This table also seems to suggest that I should use no more than one stick of Hyperx Fury red, while I already have two plugged in. Is this pc-specs site the last word in compatible memory stick use?

   I have two of these sticks from a kit and want to order two more in a second kit. I am wondering if it is possible to reset the timings in bios to make this setup more compatible with the processor.  It has a CL10 setting instead of the CL9 that the Beast has. I am assuming that the speed will automatically be used at 1600 due to the 32 GB setup.


Thanks in advance for any information on this.