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latest Windows 10/64 drivers causing delays with printing colour management

Question asked by bunzer on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by bunzer

Does anyone else use Photoshop and colour managed printing?


Latest drivers are giving me massive delays when I try to print in Photoshop. Ctrl-P and I have to wait ages for the print dialogue to appear. I have also noticed the Windows Colour Management app similarly hangs when I select my printers.


I can't think what I can do to work around this, so I'm sticking with 17.10.1. My card is an HD7850. I'm on Windows 10 (1709) 64-bit.


This is the third time this year a Radeon driver update has caused me problems (crashing Camera Raw, freaky Office graphics, and now this). It's getting to the stage where I'm scared to do an update.