Linux driver missing mem frequency 2250MHz - windows shows 2250MHz

Discussion created by 366cobra on Dec 22, 2017



I have a Sapphire RX580 OC 8GB limited edition (blue case) and am wanting to use it for mining.

Under windows, this is no issue.  I can set the clock speed to 1315MHz and the mem speed to 2250MHz and it shows me 31.9MH/s @ 101W (according to tool, not wall)


Under Linux it is a different story.  I downloaded the latest driver, 17.x, but cannot push it past 21.6MH/s.

Looking at the powerplay output, I can only choose 1300 or 1340MHz, but the mem frequencies stop at 2000MHz.

There is no 2250MHz and if i choose level 3 for mem, it tells me that there is no level 3.

It is kind of a shame that you are stuck with levels, instead of just punching in the frequncy like under windows.


Under windows i needed to include a patch from a mining site.  Does this apply to Linux as well?  I just have not been able to find one yet.


Would be great if someone has an idea on where I am doing something wrong.