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    17.12.1 and 17.12.2 Issues


      So when are we going to get a decent driver?? 


      Every single driver since Vega has had 1 or several issues.


      The latest is I can't use 17.12.1 or 17.12.2  (see YouTube video link).  1 card stops working after boot up.


      AMD 17.12.1 and 17.12.2 driver issues in X-Fire. - YouTube


      Yes I've used AMD Clean up Tool, DDU in Safemode.....system restore.  No difference!!


      I've gone back to 17.11.4 and it's working.


      This is really getting to be a joke.......instead of adding useless crap like on screen menus.  Concentrate of a stable driver!!


      Vega has been the biggest stuff up since Vista in my Opinion.  I certainly won't be buying AMD again.

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          I feel your frustration, been having my own issues too! Had an issue with all drivers since March that the adrenaline drivers finally did correct. Unfortunately they broke other things.


          I would say this though that going to the green team doesn't mean no issues. I have an all AMD system but my son has Intel/Nvidia and he has been fighting a bunch of driver problems too. Plus he's mad because a bunch of old games that worked with his old AMD card now don't on Nvidia drivers. I remember that I had that same issue with them years ago. It was how I ended up an ATI fan in the first place. Nvidia was always great about fixing new games for their new cards but constantly broke old games on their old cards.


          So don't get too carried away by the grass is greener on the other side. Your statement of they need to focus on stability first is the correct answer. Most of us don't need overlays and screen recording, even those that do, I doubt wan't it at the expense of broken drivers.


          These companies gotta get back to focusing on QC over FLUFF. They are all so worried about getting the "next new feature" first they are forgetting we actually play our games not just benchmark and record them!


          Microsoft is to blame in this too! Because they are rolling out updates with very little testing too. Constantly breaking what used to work.


          Yes new features are nice, yes security updates are good, but none of that matters if it doesn't work in the first place.

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              Hi, thanks for your reply.  I can't agree with you on the nVidia comment as I have 3 other PC's here in my house with nVidia cards.

              My Son has a 1080 and my Daughter has a 1070....and I have another rig with SLI 1080's.  I can't say I've noticed any issues in the games we play here.

              Especially though, I certainly don't have to perform a system restore or use DDU when upgrading a driver from 1 version to the next.


              I do agree with you though about Microsoft's involvement in the debacle.   However, when paying premium prices for Graphics cards, like the 2 Vega 64's I purchased on the day of their release, I would expect an equivalency in support and development with the Windows platform as it's the most widely used.  The drivers since release have just been woeful to just plain bad.  As you said, fix one thing and break 5 more.  I just can't get my head around why they would waste resources in developing features over and above that of the stability and quality of the basic driver itself.  Just baffles me!


              I had 2 RX480's in the PC prior to the Vegas and they were simply awesome cards.....I admit there were a few issues upon release, but nothing as bad as what we have seen lately!! And I am just lucky that I have other systems here that I can use otherwise I think I would be boxing these Vega's up and posting them back to AMD with a big Get F'd written on them :-)


              On a side note, I am completely happy with my Threadripper.....which only compounds the issue with the Vegas.  I really wanted an all AMD system, but's it just seeming to be impossible :-(

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                  The only real way to give feedback is to return or sell your cards if you still can, and purchase Nvidia instead if you feel that unhappy about it.

                  I still watch what is happening on Vega 64 with interest but I refuse to purchase so far.

                  I was hoping that a Vega refresh will be launched soon on a new process that will address the Performance/Power and result in smaller, cooler, faster cards.
                  I was hoping AMD would reverse decision to drop Windows 8.1 64bit support. They effectively force me to use Windows 10 if I own AMD Cards on Windows.


                  Driver Stability has definitely been worse for me since 17.7.2 (Vega Launch) release.
                  One thing that is really annoying is resetting Global Settings now causes a "shut down and restart" of the AMD Radeon Settings panel.


                  I have tested lots of features in the Adrenalin Driver on R9 Nano's with Windows 10.
                  I do not see that much benefit apart from the improved Alt Z ReLive Overlay panel "Radeon Overlay". It would be good to be able to record the Radeon Overlay with ReLive if you want to. It helps when sending debugging reports.


                  Support for Enhanced Sync is nice to see, but not that helpful for me as I have a FreeSync display.

                  I think Chill has potential but it needs more work to improve keyboard versus mouse input "balance".

                  I think the Performance Monitor Overlay is a nice addition for the future but it also needs more work.


                  I see the following issues which I have submitted reporting forms for.


                  (1). Chill kills performance with keyboard only input in numerous games, including originally whitelisted Chill games. Keyboard versus mouse weighting is unbalanced.  Need to increase sound volume for "chill off" so you can hear it in recordings.


                  (2). Performance overlay only monitors 1 GPU at a time. Performance overlay scaling and position broken if you change in game resolution. Performance overlay barely readable at 2K and unreadable at 4K in numerous games. No Power Measurement - that is pretty important to see the benefit of using Chill for example.


                  (3). I tried the AMD Link Android App. I cannot see anyone seriously using this. I would have much preferred AMD concentrate on providing me with some tested drivers on Windows 8.164bit, and a working performance overlay.


                  I was hoping to have tested the few remaining features in Adrenalin Driver by now, but I spent time reporting bugs instead.
                  This tells me they need to concentrate on driver stability and fewer, tested, working new features.



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                    Glad the nvidia works for you. You guys must not be playing overwatch. A simple google search will reveal the issues people have had with nvidia drivers. But hey everyone's experiences, hardware and opinions are different. I've personally lived through plenty of nvidia hell. So I know better. There is no doubt that the pre-amd ati drivers were very poor but that all changed pretty quickly with better backing from amd and they sure don't deserve the rep they get today when overall it hasn't been an issue for many years now. But lately, since March really they are definitely headed down a wrong path again.Why they insist on adding new features that only break what used to work and add instability is beyond me. You have to be able to play the game before you use the new features! But an honest search on google will reveal that the green team has their issues too!

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                        I also run an Nvidia  GTX780Ti 3GB card as a primary display adapter along with an R9 Nano 4GB HBM as secondary on one of my PC's running Windows 8.1 64bit.


                        1. I still get driver updates and updates for GeForce Experience on that GTX780Ti card. It still runs 1080p games well, although the 3GB memory is a problem sometimes. The Nvidia Control Panel is outdated looking versus Crimson ReLive / Adrenalin. I do not particularly like the GeForce Experience overlay, and you have to log in with Nvidia to use it, and it includes telemetry which is bad. However they are both stable and I rarely see crashing when I do use them. The card just works and works well. The latest ShadowPlay recorder has worked fine for me consistently, although the previous version of Shadowplay was bad. Perhaps AMD introduction of ReLive forced Nvidia to get their act together and improve ShadowPlay.



                        2. Windows 8.1 64bit drivers are still supported for Nvidia cards. I run the Nvidia GTX780Ti card as my main GPU on my Windows 8.1 64bit machine now, dropping my R9 Nano for use as a secondary card, stuck on 17.4.4 WHQL Drivers. The R9 Nano is in theory a better card.


                        3. I also own 7970/R9 280x cards. The GTX 780Ti runs OpenCL in Blender 2.79 wheras my R9 280x - (released at the same time)/ HD 7970 cards (GCN 1.0) are broken and cannot even render a simple Cube in Blender since version 2.79. As you may imagine this is a little bit upsetting especially since OpenCL is supposed to be an AMD strength versus Nvidia. It would be handy to be able to use my older GCN 1.0 cards in Blender 2.79. It should be noted that Blender support for newer AMD cards was improved significantly in Blender 2.79, which is great news. However to see the GCN 1.0 cards dropped in this way is bad. I can still use the GCN 1.0 cards with older Blender versions for now.  


                        4. ROCm does not support GCN 1.0 cards. My older HD7970/R9 280x cards are binned for that application.


                        I agree with you that Crimson & Crimson ReLive were a big improvement versus the older AMD Drivers, and up until ~ start of last year I was pretty happy with my AMD cards and looking forward to the release of Vega. Generally DX11 Crossfire and DX12 MultiGPU Support has been pretty good on newer AAA titles I run (apart from Ashes of the Singularity Escalation where DX12 MultiGPU is useless). I see a few percent improvement in Firestrike running the Windows 7 64bit  17.11.2 driver versus Windows 8.1 64bit 17.4.4 driver on Windows 8.1 64bit - which would be great if I could use the 17.11.2 driver on Windows 8.1 64bit.



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                          You are correct, we don't play Overwatch......and everyone's systems and experiences are different.

                          And don't get me wrong, I have had issues with nVidia drivers as well........but nothing to the extent of the rubbish we've been getting from AMD for 6 months.

                          And all I can speak for is the Vega series.......I don't know about the older or mid level cards. 

                          But considering that Vega is their premium product.......why are we getting the frustration?  I paid nearly the price of 2 1080TI's for these Vegas! Why? Because i've always liked AMD and they've always had a good product. But seriously? They have dropped the ball.


                          In saying all this....do they care?  i doubt it........money is coming in for them left right and centre due to mining.  So why should they??


                          I've had AMD and nVidia cards in the past, actually my first nVidia card was a Geforce 4 TI 4800....and even it had issues back in the day.


                          I appreciate all your comments.....and 17.11.4 is working fine, for now....and I have no need what so ever for the other crap they added in with Adrenalin.


                          All I would like is a stable driver.....I can deal with game glitches.  What I can't deal with is having to do system restores and DDU uninstalls just to update a driver!!

                          AND a driver that renders my PC totally unusable!!  Surely that can't be too much to ask after spending $1860 aud on 2 cards :-)

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                              I had to run DDU to uninstall 17.11.4 and then install Adrenalin to get it to work with Chill.


                              I initially uninstalled 17.11.4 using a normal method of Windows 10 64bit Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall -> Reboot.

                              I even added an extra amdcleanuputility.exe -> Reboot.

                              I then installed Adrenalin.


                              I was testing Chill and the mouse Input was doing nothing at all to increase FPS.


                              I then decided to run & was also given advice to run DDU (I try to avoid it because it is a pain and should not be needed if my drivers have not previously crashed).
                              I then re-installed Adrenalin.


                              This time mouse input does increase Chill FPS.
                              So it does look like moving from 17.11.4 -> Adrenalin without DDU was causing me some issues for sure with Chill on R9 Nanos.



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                            Just watched the video. The cards sound really loud at 1:20 just befoire the screen goes black.

                            How have you connected the displays up and which PSU are you running with?

                            Have you tried switching the Vega 64 BIOS to lower power mode at start up?
                            What happens if you only drive 1 display?

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                                Hi mate, I've tried 1 monitor.....different monitors. Different BIOS's.....flashed with stock AMD BIOS at the moment.


                                That's the issue, 1 of the cards indicator light goes off and the fan goes to 100% just after booting, then it hangs the computer.

                                Happen only with 17.12.1 and .2.  Running 17.11.4 now with no issues.


                                It also isn't always the same card that does it. Can be either the top or bottom.


                                I have an AX1200i Corsair PSU.  Cards are not overclocked.

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                                    AX1200i Corsair PSU is the same same one I use.


                                    I was thinking of purchasing Two Vega 64 LE at Launch, and almost did ... 1 press of a Confirm Purchase Button away ... then decided to wait for reviews .


                                    I am glad I waited, I am now waiting to see what comes after Vega first release.


                                    Are you sure your Corsair AX1200i PSU is not Tripping out on PCIe Power OCP Limit for one card?
                                    What happens if you swap the Power Connectors over for each card, does the PC still hang?

                                    Does the same card still run at max fans?


                                    Are you running Corsair Link?
                                    If you are you can go in and monitor the PCIe Power Levels and change the PCIe Power OCP limits.
                                    I will post a picture of what I mean next.


                                    Note that for Crossfire a pair of Vega 64 Liquid I saw the recommended PSU was 1500W.


                                    That was another factor that put me off Vega 64 Liquid Edition at the time.
                                    OK --- I would save on having to buy an expensive GSync Monitor but nobody mentioned having to upgrade my PSU ...


                                    I have a post about that with a link to the Power Supply Recommendation somewhere on this forum.

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                                Yeah my relive will flicker on for a second then it turns back off, idk what to do.

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                                So my review for these drivers are bad.


                                The 17.12.1 -> Brightness dropped for some reason while FPS dropped too while playing LoL.

                                The 17.12.2 -> My PC after shutdown didn't run and the screen stayed black so ended going back to 17.12.1 and it works fine (With the issues before).


                                So now I am going back to 17.11.4, as it was stable and runs without issues.


                                My PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3397.99 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR https://valid.x86.fr/p6fqev



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                                  My freesync is now broken with Adrenalin (latest version). Get constant brightness flickering and stuttering on the freesync demo now. On Vega 56.

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                                    Do you use Windows 10?


                                    Have you  noticed any CPU spikes with the driver 17.12.1 and 17.12.2 when loading some game level in some more demanding game? I have huge CPU spikes that also last few seconds after loading some game / level and the game stutters for these few seconds.


                                    No problems whatsoever with 17.11.x.


                                    This driver is so unstable and the overlay is buggy. No to mention my PC crashes sometimes with the overlay opened when trying to Alt+tab

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                                        My System = i7-4790K, 3 R9 Nano, 32GB Ram. Asus Z97 Deluxe Motherboard.

                                        I have been testing a number of DX11 titles and getting frequent crashing of AMD Radeon Settings followed by game crash on Adrenalin. 


                                        I went back to look at 3DMark Firestrike DX11 tests.


                                        I am finding that the Adrenalin Driver 17.12.1 or 17.12.2 and also 17.11.4 is freezing with the normal CPU overclocks I use with 17.11.2 on 3D Mark 11 Firestrike, Firestrike Ultra, Firestrike Extreme benchmarks with Windows 10 64 bit Fall Edition (17.09) patched today. Windows 10 System Checks pass. All of the Firestrike demos run. Timespy Benchmark and DX12 Demos run.



                                        Using Alt R to turn the overlay on in FireStrike Demo is resulting in Red Screen of Death, audio buzzing and PC Hang.
                                        That means I have to do a full driver uninstall and reinstall.


                                        If I take the i7-4790K clocks down to absolute minimum frequency  (turning of Intel Speedstep Boost clocks) I can get Firestrike benchmark to complete with Adrenalin and 17.11.4.


                                        I submitted an AMD Issue Reporting Form yesterday about this.

                                        I am moving back to 17.11.2 for now.



                                        Looks like there is some more work to be done to improve on Adrenalin stability  with DX11 games and Firestrike on my test system at least.
                                        If you see anything similar then please report it to AMD using the reporting form above and it might get fixed sooner so we can start to benefit from new features in Adrenalin.




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                                        Agreed . I personally can't wait for Nvidia to launch a new series of gpus so i can join the green team .

                                        I recently had tons of problems with the AMD drivers , which made me to totally agree with my friends that said : "don't buy an AMD graphics card , they are sabotaging their own products with horrible drivers"


                                        Issues that i experienced with AMD drivers:

                                        -In radeon settings you can't force vertical sync , even though you choose always on , that option isn't doing anything (an old issue that AMD never addressed)

                                        -Freesync is not working properly on HDMI , aka screen tearing inside the freesync range , while on DisplayPort it works as intended (again , an old issue that AMD never addressed)

                                        -Overwatch crashes since July , and after 6 freaking months they finally fixed it

                                        -ROTTR crashes since October , and they still didn't fixed the issue

                                        -Rainbow six siege crashes since October , finally in december they fixed the issue

                                        -The "Radeon Settings" app tends to crash after reseting the settings

                                        -Enhanced Sync is making the borderless gaming impossible (heavy stuttering)

                                        -Enhanced Sync is making MPC-HC unusable (heavy stuttering)
                                        -Enhanced Sync + Radeon Overlay is making the games to stutter (mild stuttering)

                                        -With an rx 460 league of legends is crashing since july and they never adressed the issue ("display driver has stopped responding and has recovered")

                                        +many many other issues


                                        I totally regret buying an RX 480 and an RX 460 from AMD , and these are gonna be my last AMD graphics cards ! It's a shame how they have good products but horrible support for them.


                                        Note: I had several Nvidia products in past , and i never experienced so many drivers issues. At least now i know why nvidia's market share is so big compared to amd's.... the DRIVERS are making the difference.

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                                          Now - I am not a gamer, but I am having serious issues with 17.12.1 and .2. Using Corel Draw X8 opening files (even simple small drawings) takes forever. Copying drawing elements takes forever. It didn't before this 17.12 update. I removed the 17.12 and using only MS default drivers these symptoms disappear. I reverted to 17.7.2 and  delays of 8 seconds drop to about 1 second, which is still slower than the MS defaults.


                                          The 17.12 drivers are unusable with these delays.


                                          I tried DDU - it didnt help. I also noticed a huge number of Radeon Settins App Errors in WIn 10 events viewer with 17.12.2. These don't occur with 17.7.2.

                                          I have a twin screen setup on an R9/200 supplied in an HP 700-2330ea system.

                                          I have reported this with the feedback form - so far no reply.

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                                            ** Update  **


                                            So yesterday I bit the bullet.....did a complete rebuild of Windows from scratch.

                                            Installed 17.12.2 and it's working!!


                                            I am happy that it is working, but it is not practical to have to do a complete reinstall of Windows to get it to that point.


                                            I will let you know if I have any issues from here on in.......

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                                                Did you simply re-install the same version of Windows 10 Fall Edition or did you move from Windows 10 Creators Edition to Fall Edition?



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                                                    I am currently running 17.7.2 on Win 10 Home 64 Bit 1709.16299.125


                                                    Radeon Settings is regularly crashing and creating event entries – so I no longer launch RadeonSettings at launch.




                                                    I was on Win 10 Creators and one of the 17.11 releases.


                                                    I updated to Win 10 Fall on 2nd December 2017. I updated to 17.12 as soon as it realeases.


                                                    I don’t ‘game’ and don’t push my system (a ‘vanilla’ user) and hadn’t used Corel for some time so didn’t notice the slow issues until I started a new project late in Decemeber. I tried 17.12.2 – didn’t help and was unusable with delays at times up to 30 secs.


                                                    So I tried reverting to an earlier release which maded my system usable for my needs.

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                                                      Hi mate @colesdav

                                                      I downloaded the latest Media Creation tool and installed it from that which was Creator's Fall Edition.

                                                      I was on Creator's Fall edition prior to the reinstall, but it was an update from Creator's Edition (1703).  The original installation was only about 4 months old.


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                                                    so whats the stablest driver, im getting crazy crash on Paragon unreal engine 4  with my rx580 driver version 17.12.1 allways its radeonsettings in event viewer

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                                                        i7-4790K + Dual R9 Nanos tested with 17.12.2 today.


                                                        I am finding that 17.12.2 is more stable than 17.12.1 on my R9 Nano's. but issues I see w.r.t. stability and functionality are:


                                                        (1). Alt Z or Alt R during 3D Mark Firestrike Demo or Sniper Elite 4 on Windows 10 in which case I get a Red Screen of Death and Audio Buzz and have to do a driver reinstall. This happens with no CPU/GPU overclock.  On the plus side Sniper Elite 4 shows outstanding Crossfire DX11 and MultiGPU DX12 scaling, and the frame rates and frame times are really consistent on the area I tested. Great job from the Game Developers and AMD on that one.


                                                        (2). Reset of Global Settings causes Radeon Settings Crash and restart.


                                                        (3). I am finding that Ashes of the Singularity and Ashes of the Singularity Escalation in DX12 is somewhat unstable. I have seen a number of freezes and crashes.


                                                        Also : MultGPU DX12 shows serious negative scaling on the Ashes of the Singularity Benchmark. Two R9 Nanos give significantly lower FPS than 1 R9 Nano at 1K, 2K, 4K resolutions.


                                                                 MultGPU DX12 shows almost no benefit  on the Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Benchmark. Two R9 Nanos give ~ the same FPS as 1 R9 Nano at 1K, 2K, 4K resolutions.

                                                        (4). Generally, on every game I have tested, Radeon Chill is killing keyboard only input FPS in game. Radeon Chill is actually performing worse than using Hialgo Chill (2015) version with modified settings file on Skyrim and Crysis 1.


                                                        (5). Performance Overlay scaling and overlay position becomes messed up if you change in game resolution to be different to your desktop resolution with Virtual Super Resolution on.


                                                        (6). MultiGPU/Crossfire  in Windowed Mode works really well on some games (Sniper Elite 4) - really nice to see, thanks! I have used Crossfire for years and only being able to run Fullscreen Mode was annoying at times. However it does not work for me at at all on other games - such as Crysis 1.


                                                        (7). Some DX9 games will simply not launch (Witcher Enhanced Edition). but there is an alpha driver now available and it has been reported to fix the issues for some people. I need to test it next.


                                                        I have seen many more crashes with Adrenalin driver than with Crimson ReLive.
                                                        The most stable recent driver I had before Adrenalin was Crimson ReLive. 17.11.2.


                                                        Best one before that was 17.7.1. (Pre Vega Release) and also 17.4.4 WHQL.



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                                                        This is AMD driver issue not corel. The SOLUTION is Win+Break -> device manager -> disable video card driver while you working with corel or adobe ps printer. HnD