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    Epyc SP3/TR4 Install Tool - Where to get it?


      Simple question... Where do I get the install tool?


      Because my Epyc 7351p didn't come with this propitiatory tool that is required to install it. I can't even find a part number/ official description of it... but it's clearly described in the installation manual(sheet). I see pictures and videos people using them to install threadrippers(same socket) which seem to include the tool with the cpu.

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          The installation instructions that came with my EPYCs (7551) clearly showed the orange install tool but it was definitely not included.  After verifying a correct setting to use (14.2 in/lbs which is also on this forum) I purchased a Husky 1/4" torque driver (model 1000 030 971) at a local big box hardware store for about $60.  I apologize for using the brand and price BUT I literally spent many hours locating an affordable tool and hope to spare others the same problem.   You will also need a Torx T20 bit if you do not already have one.  I "practiced" with it on other screws first and found it worked just as it should during installation.

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              AMD provides the specifications for the socket installation screws (bit size and tightening torque) as well as the tighten / loosen order (which must be followed), however we do not provide the tool. Any tool capable of meeting our specifications will suffice.


              Thanks @goodguy for sharing your finding. The orange install tool shown in the video was custom made for our ThreadRipper retail release though the same tool can be used for the EPYC SP3 socket as the torque specifications and bit size are the same as you pointed out.





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              Built EPYC 7551P system recently and the tool was not included. Just go to any hardware store and get a Torx T20 tip.