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    New to Eyefinity, Now a problem!!!


      Hi everyone. I've read a number of topics discussing how to disable Eyefinity but none of them have helped me at all. Here's what happened on my system and what I'm trying to do:


      What Happened:

      * I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit and just installed a Radeon RX570 in order to access 4 monitor displays.

      * After downloading and installing the required driver I was able to view all 4 monitors successfully, yet I needed to arrange them in a specific configuration.

      * I did not notice the "Arrange Displays" selection on the top right corner of the Display tab and instead clicked on the Eyefinity tab to arrange my monitors because there is a multi display Icon just to the left of the word "Eyefinity".

      * After following the on screen instructions for setting up Eyefinity in a 4x1 layout, I continued through a couple of steps and was instructed that the layout would finish setting up after some displays would be disabled.

      * All my displays except display 1 turned off and will only operate when Eyefinity is enabled, yet Eyefinity does not allow me to configure the monitors in the arrangement I need. I did not realizing when setting up Eyefinity that the Eyefinity 4x1 layout would not allow me to arrange my monitors in my desired configuration.

      * I searched online for the past couple of hours and read recommendations for uninstalling the AMD Settings application, so I followed instructions on doing so, yet the problem has not left my system. I shouldn't have to uninstall video card settings software in order to reset desired monitor display settings. I should be able to revert back to original settings and have complete control of my system. Eyefinity has completely disabled the use of my monitors unless Eyefinity is in use. Not Good!


      What I need to do:

      * I need to regain control of my 4 monitors and set them up as 4 separate monitor displays in my desired configuration.

      * I need to remove the control of Eyefinity over my monitor displays beyond disabling the Eyefinity group created.

      * When I disable the Eyefinity group, all monitor displays shut off except display 1 and they do not turn back on unless I enable the Eyefinity group, which does not allow me to create the monitor configuration I need.

      * I need to delete the Eyefinity group completely from my system and have the ability to configure my monitors with the Windows System Settings.

      * As of yet, When I disable the Eyefinity group, Windows Device Manager shows that all 4 monitors are connected to the system, but Windows System Settings does not detect the monitors and does no allow me to configure them at all. I feel like I've been robbed!


      !!!...This is not a gaming computer. It is a work computer and Eyefinity has shut down my productivity. It needs to be redesigned or removed...!!!


      I'd love to hear back from AMD personnel with options on how to bypass Eyefinity to regain control of my system.


      Thank you,


      E. Santiago

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          OK folks,

          After spending hours overnight reading online threads and uninstalling the AMD Settings Software and the latest Drivers multiple times without success in remedying the issue above, I was able to call AMD Customer Care and spoke to a very helpful and knowledgable tech named Philip. After our conversation Philip emailed this set of instructions:


          "Thank you for contacting AMD.

          We recommend a clean Installation to ensure the drivers for your graphics device are installed correctly.

          Before you start:

          • The graphics card must be physically installed and connected in the system.
          • If you have more than 1 graphics device in the system, please connect 1 monitor to your primary graphics card only. You should get a picture on the screen even without the drivers installed.
          • If your graphics card has 1 or more power connectors, ALL of them must be connected to your Power Supply.
          • You must run Windows in normal mode (not safe mode) with administrator privileges.

          To perform a clean installation, please follow these steps:

          1) Download and save the following driver package:Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1
          2) Download and run the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility to remove all existing versions of AMD drivers. Follow the prompts until the uninstall process is complete, and restart when asked.
          3) Run the driver package installer downloaded in step 1).
          You can find a comprehensive step-by-step installation guide with screenshots on the following link: Radeon Settings Install GuideFollow the prompts until the install process is complete, and restart when asked.


          If you experience any further issues, please provide us with the details of the problem, so that we may continue assisting you. In addition, it would be helpful for you to include a copy of your DXDIAG report, so that we may review your system configuration, and offer further troubleshooting suggestions.

          1. Click on the Start Menu.
          2. Type “dxdiag” and press Enter.
          3. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool window will open. If prompted to check for certified drivers, select “Yes”.
          4. Click on “Save All Information” (bottom of the window) and save the file to a convenient location.

          For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

          Best regards,


          AMD Global Customer Care"


          After running the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility the computer required a reboot, so I selected to reboot the system. When the system reboot was completed I noticed that the AMD Settings Software did not uninstall and was still listed in the start menu.  I started the AMD Settings Software and selected the "Display" settings and then selected "Arrange Displays" from the top right menu bar; ***Ignoring the "Eyefinity" settings completely***.

          In the System Settings I was then able to connect the 3 other monitors to my system and configure all 4 separate monitors as desired. It seems to me that if you don't need to have one large desktop spread over multiple displays then you shouldn't mess with Eyefinity. In fact, you won't need to touch the AMD Settings Software unless you care to overclock your displays for special purposes.


          Thank you Philip from AMD Customer Care