Side monitors don't sleep with all drivers after 17.7.1

Discussion created by HD4870 on Dec 21, 2017
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I had all kinds of issues with all drivers after 17.7.1 after which, it seems either MicroSoft or AMD made some revolutionary changes in Display.

With the latest 17.12.2 however, all my issues seem to be fixed except for one major issue that presisted across ALL drivers after 17.7.1


Only the preferred display monitor goes to sleep after 3 minutes as I set it in Windows 10 settings. The other 2 monitors just go black with backlight still working and power LED in green while middle monitor sleeps fine with fully power off and LED orange.

They don't go to sleep normally and lose signal as they are supposed to.

The GPU still feeds them some kind of a signal.


I am using 1x DP-DVI and 2x DVI connections to my 3 monitors and tried using 1 HDMI connection instead of one DVI and it still has the same issue, Plus GPU VRAM works at full speed which overheats the card and the whole system and draws much power at idle.


Any help would be much appreciated.