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AMD R9 270 Fan Switches to full speed

Question asked by gsharad007 on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by metanis1

So I have a problem with my AMD R9 270 where the GPU fans stay off for a few minutes and the GPU temperature keeps rising till it reaches a threshold (~88-104C) and then the GPU fans come up at full speed to rapidly cool them down and then switches off again.


Now this sounds like a feature to keep it quite but the fan at full speed is loud and jarring when working. It would be far better to keep the fans spinning at lower speed to keep the GPU temp cool or increase the speed as it starts heating rather than a binary switch. Strangely enough this behavior does not change either it sitting idle on desktop or stress testing with furmark. Using AMD Overdrive just to control the fan speed it has no fans till 81% and full fan speed at 82%.


Do I have a faulty fan controller or gpu and need to RMA it? or is there a Firmware upgrade or Fan profile that will fix this issue?